How to Choose Flowers for a Wedding Bouquet

Choose your flower color freely. The traditional choice for most weddings is white. But brides should not feel constrained by formality. Recent trends embrace wedding flowers of all colors. Red roses, calla lilies or even poinsettias are popular for evening and winter weddings. For spring and fall weddings, bouquets of many colors make any bridal procession pop.

Many brides choose to make their wedding bouquets out of their favorite flower, birth flower or a flower that has special significance to the couple. Other brides choose to have fresh flowers delivered for their bouquet because they can choose the flowers that match their bridesmaids dresses or their wedding colors.

Contrasting colors are another popular choice. For example, pink flowers look beautiful with pink bridesmaids dresses. But blue flowers — on the opposite end of the color spectrum — attract more attention. Whether brides choose sentimental, contrasting or matching colors, purchasing a delivery of flowers allows custom bouquet in any single or variety of shades.

Brides may also play around with the color combination of the ribbon and the flowers. The traditional ribbon color is white. The pop of white against the green stem ties any bouquet into a dress. A ribbon that matches the shade of the bridesmaid’s dress will do the same.

But a bride can choose virtually any color for her ribbons. Green makes a bouquet look as if its stems are natural and not wrapped at all. The bouquet ribbon can also match the flowers themselves. Choose a ribbon that matches the color of the blossoms for uniformity. If there is a variety of color in the bouquet choose a ribbon that matches any of the flowers. Whichever color you match will make the corresponding blossoms pop.

No matter the blossom or ribbon color, restrict your delivery of flowers to long or medium-stems. To make the bouquet easy to hold you’ll need ample stem length to grip. The longer the stems the more elegant the bouquet. It is easier to trim down long stems from the fresh flowers delivered than to lengthen short stems or secure them to a bouquet. Tell your florist to leave you with as much length as possible. If the flowers you love grow in clusters, purchase the entire stalk or spray. Long flowers look beautiful cascading down from the front end of a flower bouquet.

Always purchase more flowers than you think you will need. Fresh flowers delivered and in hand may inspire new ideas or additional bouquets. First time bouquet makers may make mistakes or change their minds. Extra flowers allow for last minute changes without a last minute delivery of flowers.

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